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Did you know that 144 people were killed on the job in Australia in one year alone and that 136 of them were male. Sadly 69% of these fatalities were across 4 key industry segments; transport, warehousing, agriculture and construction. 

Pillar Consulting’s goal is to help Australian organisations improve their workplace behaviour and culture, to build Australia’s reputation as a country who takes health and safety in the workplace seriously. Working closely with our clients, we develop and put into practice detailed, robust, and thorough processes to provide our clients with the appropriate protection when it comes to their people and their business.

About Health and Safety

A workplace health and safety management system is a framework of policies, procedures, and plans that organises the administration of employee health and safety in order to reduce the risk of illness or injury caused by business operations.

Well-designed rules and procedures aid businesses in keeping up with work health and safety laws and standards.

However, a workplace health and safety management system is more than simply having safety-related forms and regulations in place and documented procedures. It’s about reaching the objectives and provisions of the safety documentation in an organised, ongoing way.

A practical, systems-based approach is far more effective in preventing injuries and achieving safety objectives than a document-centric system. This is due to the fact that a workplace health and safety management system:

Ensuring the safety of your workplace is a legal requirement, and also critical to the long term success of your business. Every business owner needs to take responsibility for their workplace health and safety, and putting into place effective WHS management systems can:

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