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Pillar Consulting Group is a Brisbane based consulting company, being experts in Health and also Safety getting in touch with Brisbane Pillars’ international visibility permits us to be an industry-leading Health as well as Safety firm Brisbane , and we are passionate about boosting organizations work health and wellness Brisbane . While we do have an international existence; Pillar’s mission is to tailor our technique in the direction of your particular business, and we watch our modern safety experts as partners with our customers to fulfill their regional conformity demands.

Our objective is to promote the most effective practice of Brisbane health as well as safety conformity systems and offer training as well as education for smooth adaptation right into firm culture as well as day-to-day method. We view ourselves as real service partners and also look to involve as if we become part of our client’s team. With our international solution, we have the ability to supply detailed Brisbane Health and wellness and also Safety advice for particular niche and professional demands.

At Pillar Consulting, we are honored to be Premium Partners of the Safe365 cloud-based health and wellness application. Safe365 is a NZ owned and also run wise health and also safety system. Safe 365‘s software program enables us to swiftly examine our customers current health and wellness compliance/capability processes. As a result we can create advanced options to improve their Brisbane health as well as security conformity and alleviate the capacity for threat, or job from our customers’ current system as well as make adjustments where needed or called for.

Australia has a history of not taking workplace Health and Safety seriously.


Pillar Consulting’s goal is to change the way Australian services come close to work health and wellness. Our team believe that through quality education and learning and also training we can assist business society into embracing a more liable technique towards workplace health and wellness and also safety.

Our Brisbane Wellness and Safety specialists assistance organisations across the country achieve the suitable standards of Brisbane workplace health and wellness. We’re partnered with businesses throughout a variety of sectors and also markets, including however not limited to Construction, Manufacturing, Tourism, Hospitality, Sports, Horticulture, Agriculture, as well as Educatio


Our Core Values


Pillar’s approach to partnerships allows us to form close working relationships with our clients, with an aim of delivering successful Health and Safety Brisbane and Human Resources Brisbane systems for the protection of your business and employees.


Our recruits are screened for the appropriate values, and we only consider candidates who possess a strong moral compass and dedication to ethical and moral practice. We believe this ensures a high standard of service when it comes to health and safety consulting Brisbane.


Pillar has a long-term dedication to learning and education, with a constant focus on improving our best practices and preserving our position as an industry leader. Our Brisbane Health and Safety consultants are kept up to date on new courses, research, and professional development to ensure that we provide the finest level of service possible.


Providing education to our client’s leaders is something we are passionate about. Strong safety and people leadership allows any organisation to thrive. We demonstrate our own leadership externally by partnering with Boards and executives, providing them with the knowledge and principles to lead by example in the Brisbane health and safety and Brisbane Human Resources space.


Pillar’s dedication to accountability and reliability is absolute. If we say we will do something, it will be done. Our Health and Safety compliance Brisbane officers are always answerable to their actions and responsible for their teams.

Robust Foundations

Pillar's team is committed to designing and developing strong Brisbane Workplace Health and Safety systems from the ground up, which is why we devote so much effort to laying solid foundations for your health and safety compliance Brisbane procedures. We minimize the unknowns to ensure peace of mind, speeding up the health and safety procedure Brisbane in order to create a more efficient and pleasant system for daily use. From the bottom up, our collaboration with Safe 365 software allows us to construct thorough and comprehensive health and safety procedures.

About Health and Safety

procedures, and plans that organises the administration of employee health and safety  Brisbane in order to reduce the risk of illness or injury caused by business operations.

Well-designed rules and procedures aid businesses in keeping

treatments, as well as prepares that organises the management of worker health and wellness Brisbane in order to decrease the danger of illness or injury caused by service operations.

Well-designed policies and also treatments aid organizations in staying on par with work health and also safety and security Brisbane regulations and also standards.

However, having safety-related documents and also rules in place and also videotaped methods is only half of the story. It’s everything about acting on the goals as well as arrangements of the security documents in a systematic, continuous manner.

A document-centric technique of improving office safety and security is much less reliable than an useful, systems-based strategy. This is owing to the fact that a wellness and also security administration system in an organisation:

up with work health and safety Brisbane laws and standards.

However, having safety-related papers and rules in place and recorded methods is only half of the story. It’s all about following up on the goals and provisions of the safety documentation in a systematic, continuous manner.

A document-centric method of improving workplace safety is far less effective than a practical, systems-based approach. This is owing to the fact that a health and safety management system in an organisation:

Every company owner has a legal duty to safeguard the safety of their employees, and it is crucial for the long-term success of their business.

Every business owner must be responsible for  Brisbane workplace health and safety. Putting in place effective WHS management  Brisbane systems might help you:

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